My Story


I am Rohini, a full time Mom, part Soap Artisan and part IT Major.

My journey with artisan soaps started when I was fed up with the adverse skin reactions the commercial soaps caused to my skin. The more I read about the harmful effects of all the chemicals and other fillers added to such soaps, the more I was drawn towards artisan soaps made from pure and 100% natural ingredients. I started making them on my own in 2014.

As my skin started loving these soaps, I found myself sharing these with my friends and colleagues. And getting great reviews and stories of skin benefits from them. So, in 2015, I decided to share the goodness of these soaps to everyone and thus Swarn Krita was born.

Cold Process Soaps are the most mild soaps made from natural ingredients and oils. Curing for three to four weeks makes them soft on the skin. These do not contain any preservatives, chemical colorants or chemical lathering agents.


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Stay natural, Stay Beautiful.

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